woensdag 23 maart 2016

How to get pastel hair in 10 minutes.

Pastel hair, granny hair, denim hair, lavender hair, silver hair, pink hair,... we all love this trend!
The internet is full of it. 
And yes, even I as colorist have my inspirational searches on the Internet.

But here's the truth about some of those lovely colors on the net:

Original picture vs. photoshopped 

Original picture vs. photoshopped

Original vs. photoshop

But what triggers me the most to writing this blog are the latest trends as granny hair, silver hair and denim hair:

Original vs. photoshop

Original vs. photoshop

What the Internet doesn't tell you, 
pastel colors like silver, grey or blue are only to be done on perfectly white bleached hair! 
I repeat this again!
If the canvas isn't white, your color will turn out greenish, brassy and believe me, ugly!!!

Original picture vs. photoshopped 

Original picture vs. photoshopped

Original vs. photoshop

Photoshop can help you get the colours that, somethimes, aren't even realistic, 
an other way to get it in 10minutes are wigs:

Or extensions:

And to top it of with my favorite example:
Original vs. photoshop vs. photoshop

None of the pictures above have the wright canvas to really create these colors, that's what I am trying to make you see...

You still want pastel hair? 
I understand that!
 I have been changing my pastel colors for years now and I love it!

Here I am, colored by my magician college Kelly Buytaert, head colorist of Toni Kalin Salons 
We understand your pastel dream!
So if you don't have the right canvas yet?

Don't book a single color session if you want your brown, blond, copper or any not-white-color turned into pastel,
come visit us for consultation first!

Together we can work out the progress suitable for your hair.

 I hope you understand more of our

I'll see you at the salon first for your personal consultation ✌🏻

~None of these pictures are mine, I am not responsabele for the Photoshop on these.
All pictures where found on the internet~
(Exept the picture of my face, that picture was made by my husband :-)

vrijdag 4 maart 2016


It's not blond, it's not just brown, 
it's usually in between, 
but as always, you can bend the limits and create your own version of Bronde Hair.
I love this trend because this color pallet gives me the freedom of placing the highlights in a way I want (contouring). 
This trend is kinda romantic, due to the color pallet, it's like a sexy touch to the hair, it brightens up in different lights and glows when in sunlight.

Here's my bronde hair color works done at our salon, cut & styled by Toni Kalin Art. team. 

           Mahogany shades

Bronde ~ you as stylist decide the design, you can hand paint the hair right there where you want it to light up.

          Golden caramel 

Bronde ~ brown/blond, a softer contrast version of the ombré balayage.

    Copper and golden shades

    Mahogany and ash shades 

     Copper and peach

    Asian hair

Bronds ~ Soft balayage in warmer shades

    Mahogany Golden bronde

       Dark Mahogany Red.
       This one is probably to dark to be  categorized under the name Bronde. 

The combination of color and placing are endless in bronde hair, I am always very happy when a client books me for this trend.
Also the maintenance for this color is way easier than for example the granny hair trend. Just keep your hair hydrated and treat it with love  ♡


zaterdag 21 maart 2015


So much has happened since my last post!! So much I want to share with you, and it's called OLAPLEX!

Olaplex test 1


step1 : Bleaching with Tigi copyright Colour TrueLight White & Olaplex

Roots: Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White + 20vol + Olaplex nr1

Let me repeat this, do not, ever, put a higher developer to the scalp than 20vol! 

Lengths: Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White + 30vol + Olaplex nr1
(leaving out the already light tips)
Repeated on the lengths with 20vol + olaplex to make the level more smooth

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 2: toning

I used : Tigi Copyright Colour Gloss
10/02 (40gr) + 9/21 (15gr) + 10/08 (15gr) + 8,5 vol + olaplex nr1

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 3: apply desired Color + olaplex nr1

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 4:
Apply Bond Nr2
Leave in between 10-20min

rinse hair thoroughly

Step 5:
Shampoo en condition


Amazing color transformation without any breakage or damage! 
It's a colorists dream... Pushing the boundary's just that little bit more.
Do take in mind that this process takes time and whole lot of perfectly balancing out your formulas! 

                   Olaplex Test 2


Bleached, toned & colored with Tigi Copyright Colour

For these kind of color works, your Colorist needs to know your color history!
On the first visit to a new stylist, be honest!
We ask a lot of questions, this to give you the best results and right treatment.
Remember, the bleach wont lie, it will create a color timeline, so it's best that you inform your stylist up front!
The colorist will always advise you in to what color suits you best 

and if your lifestyle can match the colors needs.
Process and results of your visit depends on your background and wish...
So please always book a consultation for ANY color issue or price calculation.


Sinds kort werken we bij Toni Kalin Salons met Olaplex. Dit geweldig product wordt toegevoegd bij de kleuring en voorkomt schade tijdens het kleur proces, beter zelfs, het zal kleine scheurtjes in je haar ook weer herstellen! Klinkt als magie, toch?!
Dankzij Olaplex kunnen we je limieten verleggen! 
Echter is het wel zo dat je kleur proces langer duurt. 
Wil je graag meer weten of wil je weten wat bij jou kan? 
Spring gerust eens binnen voor vrijblijvend advies over je droomhaar!
Een Olaplex kleuring kan enkel op afspraak.


zondag 15 maart 2015

Root stretch & Balayage

It has so many names, balayage, hand painted, foiled, ombré balayage, meshes, babylights, highlighted, it's even called tortoise shell and ecaille, whatever, I love doing them all!

Detail of hand painted balayage

In these techniques, it's you as colorist who decides where the lightning will fall through the hair, so you can really create a personalized hair color.
If you manage to balance your colors well, you can be sure that even when the new growth starts coming through, the hair and color will still look natural, as I'll always make sure my base color will blend with the new growth.
 Its a strange sight to have a contrasting new growth in a root stretch.

Root stretched with soft ombré balayage

Root stretched ombré balayage

Hand painted balayage 

Root stretched with foiled highlights

Soft balayage shadings

Root stretched with soft coper shades handpainted balayage 

Soft balayage ombré 

Handpainted balayage

Soft root stretch with soft highlighted warm tones

Soft ombré balayage

Strong ombré balayage 

Detail of hand painted balayage

Here's me teaching how to hand paint balayage